Tony Mills spent much of his childhood drawing and painting, and indeed it seemed to many that he would naturally pursue some sort of artistic career. However on leaving school he recalls feeling that doing so 'wouldn’t have felt like a real job', and so he elected to go into business and has worked all over the world with American Express. For 30 years, he never picked up a paintbrush or pencil. However in 2010 a friend encouraged him to try again. Nervous and feeling that such a large gap was bound to have meant that he had squandered whatever natural talent he once had, he found a small, nurturing studio and a teacher full of natural encouragement. His teacher suggested that after such a long absence he should see if 'he could still draw'.

He immediately then moved into painting and has produced a series of atmospheric and evocative images. His inspirations are not just physical landscapes themselves but most especially the greater sense of spirituality governing them, as well as feelings that come from human relationships.